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We believe that we can all change and grow. As we move closer to knowing ourselves and our deepest desires, we become available for authentic collaboration and liberation.

We offer one-on-one coaching and group coaching for teams. Our specialties include: visioning, equity, conflict, Jewish identity, linguistics, pedagogy, racial identity, and race in the United States. 

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We work primarily with educators and social justice advocates. These are folks who are teaching faculty, school administrators, equity practitioners, and Jewish community professionals.

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Our clients often juggle multiple personal and professional demands and are pinned down by the work of dismantling unjust and oppressive systems that fail to affirm the worth of marginalized people and undermine the humanity of those who are centered.

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We co-create a sacred space with clients where we explore together our inner and ancestral wisdom to restore balance, achieve clarity, and experience renewal. Clients often remark on the deep presence, sense of hope, and depth of inquiry that we bring.

“What I appreciated most about working with Imani was her ability to listen compassionately to me when I was describing the issues that I wanted to confront, reflect back her understanding without judgement, and then customize her work with us to meet our needs. When you are talking to Imani, you will feel a deep focus and acceptance, which creates an immediate sense of safety and being really seen and heard. Imani’s facilitation felt gentle and powerful. She designed activities for my team that fostered vulnerability, opening, and curiosity.

Ann Wang, Operations Director, Breakthrough Institute

Ready to take your leadership to a deeper level?

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