Image Description: Three people sit on a couch with computers on their laps. The have brown skin and are looking at one screen and smiling, engaged in conversation. On top of the photo is the word “Contact.”

Are you excited about moving your work toward sustained change? Wanting to learn more about centering racial equity in your organization? Wondering if we are the right team to work with your organization?

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What Imani did tonight aiming for anti-racism and thinking about whiteness was hands down THE best thing I have been to, the most thought provoking, the most acknowledging of our reality, the most urging without dogmatism, just extraordinary!

Rabbi Ellen Lippman, Rabbi Emerita, Kolot Chayeinu

Image Description: Two people sit across from each other. The photo is zoomed in on one person who is smiling with light skin and long dark hair pulled into a ponytail. They wear a green sweater. On top of the photo are the words “Let’s Connect” and a green button that says “We’d love to work with you.”

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