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Are you excited about moving your work toward sustained change? Wanting to learn more about centering racial equity in your organization? Wondering if we are the right team to work with your organization?

We encourage you to check out this list of questions to consider related to
institutional readiness.

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“What I appreciated most about working with Imani was her ability to listen compassionately to me when I was describing the issues that I wanted to confront, reflect back her understanding without judgment, and then customize her work with us to meet our needs. When you are talking to Imani, you will feel a deep focus and acceptance, which creates an immediate sense of safety and being really seen and heard. Imani’s facilitation felt gentle and powerful. She designed activities for my team that fostered vulnerability, opening, and curiosity.” 

Ann, Operations Director, Breakthrough Institute

Image Description: A person wearing a beige sweater sits at a desk with a laptop and mug. They are looking down at the computer screen, with a smile on their face. They wear glasses and have long brown hair and light brown skin. On top of the photo are the words “Let’s Connect” and a green button that says “We’d love to work with you.”

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