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Our team provides facilitation for a range of groups including families, congregants, employees, student groups on campus, faculty body, and geographic communities. Our approach is informed by creating safety for courageous growth and striving for understanding amidst complexity.

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In facilitated conversations, a facilitator with non-anxious presence is a key. When there is enough safety for participants to settle into the conversation, feeling like they can be their whole selves, then they are available to stretch and grow courageously toward new learning.

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Impartiality while facilitating is difficult if not impossible; we strive for multipartiality, which allows participants to feel understood from their own perspective and context and discern others’ intent so that impact can be addressed in real time.

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We’ve used a variety of facilitation models, which include: mediated conversations, public conversations model, circle pratice, dialogue across identity groups, ad critical friends groups protocol.


Among our facilitation offerings, workshops are one of the most popular forms of learning and conversation. Workshops offer an opportunity to engage deeply with content and within community. Using a balance of sage on the stage and guide on the side, workshops include presentation of materials, time for personal and communal reflection and small group engagement where participants can go deeper.

Signature workshops include:

  • What Do I Say to My Young Jew?: An Anti-Racism Workshop for Parents and Educators
  • Introduction to Race, Racialization and Racism in the US
  • Introduction to DEI, Racialization and Anti-Jewish Oppression in the US

Our other offerings include topics under areas of pedagogy, systems change, dialogue and conflict, vision and team building, DEI, racial justice and belonging, and Jewishness.

“I’ve been through a handful of other diversity and inclusion trainings and this was far and away the best. The presentation, structure and supporting materials were all excellent. The team has really appreciated it – safe to say we’ve all learned a great deal.”

Jason, CFO/CTO, Ziva Meditation

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