Image Description: Two people are seated on a couch, reading books.

Black Girl at the Playground

Imani wrote a chapter called “Black Girl at the Playground” in the forthcoming book Teaching Brilliant Beautiful Black Girls.

Image Description: The cover of “Teaching Beautiful Brilliant Black Girls.” It features young Black girls of varying ages engaged in different activities. Some are smiling at the camera while others are reading a book together or climbing a tree.

Unetaneh Tokef for Black Lives

Imani’s “Unetaneh Tokef for Black Lives,” draws from a prayer that inspires fear and awe during the High Holidays and the impact of a list of killings of Black Americans. It is published in Lilith Magazine (Summer 2020).

Image Description: The cover of Lilith Magazine’s Summer 2020 issue, which says “Now. Next.” in a gradient of colors from blue, to red, to yellow.

Converting to What? A Jewish Afrolatina Story

Imani’s co-authored work, “Converting to What? A Jewish Afrolatina Story,” is published in The CCAR Journal: The Reform Jewish Quarterly Journal of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (Summer 2020)

Image Description: The cover of The CCAR Journal’s Summer 2020 issue, which is purple and features a list of articles published in the issue.

Jews of Color Community Landscape Report

Commissioned by JDC Entwine, Imani’s report reflects a call by Jews of Color to which they hope the Institutions who seek to serve them will respond in broader, more systematic and more inclusive ways (May 2020).

Image Description: A word collage of the words frequently used in Imani’s Jews of Color Community Landscape Report. The largest words are Black Jews, JOSCM, Jewish People of Color, Mizrachi, and JOC.


Imani co-authored a chapter called “Letters” about racial intimacy and anti-racism at her Brooklyn synagogue. It is published in the book Uncommon Bonds: Women Reflect on Race and Friendship (2018).

Image Description: The cover of “Uncommon Bonds: Women Reflect on Race and Friendship.” The background is made up of blocks of color, featuring yellow, red, peach, black, white, and orange.

Interested in publishing Imani’s work?

Image Description: A parent and their child read a book together while sitting on chairs.

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