Speaking & Writing

Speaking & Writing

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In our speaking and writing, we specialize in bringing a group into a narrative, experience, or journey as a means of exploring new stories and possibilities.

Frequently requested formats include keynote speeches, lectures, and divrei torah. We’ve spoken to audiences of various ages, sizes, settings and developmental stages on their journey toward creating an equitable world.

Selected samples of speaking engagements and published writings are included below. Please take a look at our publications page to view more.

  • Touch, published in Mitsui Collective’s “Reflecting Resilience: An Embodied Guide to Hanukkah”

“Many people try to rework prayers to fit current events, but rarely does it have the stark power and poetry of Imani Chapman’s “Unetaneh Tokef for Black Lives.” I’ve been thinking about it since it first came into my inbox at Lilith, and I know it will stay with those who read it long past this particular season of teshuvah.”

Sarah, Executive Editor, Jewish Currents

Interested in connecting about speaking and writing engagements?

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