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Workshops are a great way to engage a team in a new topic, or in deeper learning and connection to a key area of your group’s mission.

Signature workshops include:

  • What Do I Say to My Young Jew?: An Anti-Racism Workshop for Parents and Educators
  • Introduction to Race, Racialization and Racism in the US
  • Introduction to DEI, Racialization and Anti-Jewish Oppression in the US

Our other workshop offerings are below.

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  • Classroom Management
  • Development of Difference
  • Facilitative Group Protocols
  • Language Acquisition
  • Teaching in the Block
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Systems Change

  • Moving from “Builder” to “Believer”
  • Assessment
  • Change Models
  • Areas of Inclusion
  • Marketing Review
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Dialogue and Conflict

  • Brain Science & Dialogue Across Difference
  • Embodiment, Self-regulation & Dialogue Across Difference 
  • Public Conversations Model

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Vision and Team Building

  • Building Anti-Racist Habits
  • Collaboration Across Difference
  • Goals & Grounding
  • Lencioni’s Team Work
  • Norming & Establishing Community Culture 
  • Racial Profile Audit for Personal & Professional Networks
  • Values, Mission & Vision
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DEI, Racial Justice, and Belonging

  • Anti-Jewish Oppression & Anti-Racism
  • Identities, Intersectionality & Representation
  • Jewish Identity: Race, Religion & Culture
  • Oppression Glossary
  • Pyramid of White Supremacy and White Supremacy Cultural Characteristics
  • Race, Nationality & Ethnicity; The Census & Definition of Racism
  • Racial Profile Audit (Personal)
  • Somatic Tracking & White Supremacy Characteristics
  • White Supremacy, White Nationalism & Solidarity
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  • Anti-Jewish Oppression & Anti-Racism
  • Becoming an Anti-Racist Synagogue
  • Jews of Color in the United States
  • Torah of Race

“I’ve been through a handful of other D&I trainings and this was far and away the best. The presentation, structure and supporting materials were all excellent. The team has really appreciated it – safe to say we’ve all learned a great deal.”

Jason Lynn, CFO/CTO, Ziva Meditation

Interested in deepening your learning and exploration?

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