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Imani Romney-Rosa Chapman

Pronouns: she/her/ella

Founding Coach, imani strategies, llc

Imani has more than 25 years of experience developing curriculum, organizing, and educating for social justice. She works as a leadership coach, facilitator, and trainer.

Whatever the modality, Imani co-creates brave and inclusive environments for learning, growth and justice. Her work with stakeholders in religious communities, secular communities, schools and non-profit organizations has helped root their efforts for sustained change. 

She currently serves on the Board for the Roger L. Wallace Excellence in Teaching Award, and continues to serve on the Steering Committee for the New York Metro Coalition of Faith/Spiritual/Ethical Communities for the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond and Kolot Chayeinu Synagogue’s Race Working Group, where she was a founding co-chair. She is also co-founder of Sisters of Color in Education.

Imani received her undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, her Masters from Middlebury College, Madrid, Spain and is enrolled in the doctoral studies program for Interfaith Clinical Education for Pastoral Ministry at HUC-JIR.

Her writing appears in the following publications: “Letters” in UnCommon Bonds: Women Reflect on Race and Friendship (Peter Lang, 2018), “The JOC Community Landscape Report” (commissioned, 2020), “Unetaneh Tokef for Black Lives” in Lilith (Summer 2020), “Converting to What?” in The CCAR Journal (Summer 2020), and “Black Girl at the Playground” in the forthcoming book Teaching Brilliant Beautiful Black Girls (Corwin, 2021).

Imani works for an equitable world in which her children and the young people in your lives can live wholly and safely into their full humanity and where race is not a major determinant in health, wealth, legal, and educational outcomes.


Working with us always involves consulting with Imani, and, frequently, with one or more collaborators.

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Let’s work together

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