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We offer consulting on a range of topics including team building, dialogue and conflict, collaborative leadership, and racial justice and equity initiatives.

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Mission & Vision

We can support you in revisiting and refining your mission and vision to reflect your goals, skills, and capacity.

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Strategic Planning & Curricular Review

Our team offers consulting on curriculum and strategic planning through the lens of collaborative leadership, equity, and inclusion.

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Equity Initiatives

We are passionate about supporting your goals for sustained change, especially when it comes to equity and justice.

“Imani infused expertise, compassion, and vision throughout every aspect of her work with Keshet. She inspired and curated new and productive dialogue amongst our team, and produced an assessment that, although centered around one particular initiative, has informed Keshet’s racial equity work at all levels of our organization. This consultation commenced shortly before our organization transitioned to fully remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Imani’s flexibility, innovativeness, and patience enabled us to ensure the work continued and remained comprehensive.”

Jaimie Krass, National Director of Youth Programs, Keshet

Wondering if we’re the right fit for you and your team?

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