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We offer consulting on a range of topics including team building, dialogue and conflict, collaborative leadership, document review, and racial justice and equity initiatives. Before beginning a conversation with us, we invite you to review this document, which lists questions pertaining to organizational readiness.

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Mission & Vision

We can support you in revisiting and refining your mission and vision to reflect your goals, skills, and capacity.

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Change Team Development

Our team offers consulting on curriculum and change team development through the lens of collaborative leadership, equity, and inclusion.

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Document Review

We review with an equity lens and provide feedback on documents such as bylaws, curriculum, marketing and recruitment materials, and hiring protocols.

Working with Imani has been nothing short of amazing. We brought her in to consult with our antiracist training team as we designed a training series for multiracial public school parent communities primarily in NYC. Imani understood and communicated the many multilayered challenges and opportunities. Her guidance as we built out separate workshop space for BIPOC and White parents was particularly insightful. She helped us identify and prepare for the different needs of each group as they struggle together to build equitable & powerful parent communities. She was able to talk us through tricky scenarios and always had ideas for exactly the right materials to recommend. She listens incredibly well, asks the best questions and reflects back what she hears from us. Our series is a work in progress and is so much stronger for the time we spent with Imani. We hope we can bring her back!

Barbara & Matt, The Education Justice Research & Organizing Collaborative, NYU Metro Center

Wondering if we’re the right fit for you and your team?

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